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June 21, 2020

Introducing the new Early Action Hub website.

We extremely happy to launch the brand new website for Early Action Hub, showcasing the many ways we can educate and help young people in crime awareness and also showcase the wide range of activities we offer.

The website also features our awareness sessions, that are usually educated at schools in person. Due to the recent Covid-19 regulations however and school closures, this now allows us to educate young people safely online, allowing individuals to watch our presentations via video and the fill out an online quiz and evaluation.

In addition the website provides a wide array of information such as Contact Details, Booking forms, FAQ’s, Activity details, Photo and Video galleries plus a full list of all our Partners and Funders who help support the Early Action Hub.

We would like to quickly thank the team at GillGraphics in Halifax for their time and help designing and developing the new website you see today.

With the help of the new website, we look forward to pushing Early Action Hub in the upcoming future all around Calderdale and surrounding areas, heling as many young people as we can in crime awareness.

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