Our History

The Early Action Hub is a voluntary organisation that works in partnership with the West Yorkshire Police Early Action Team based at Calderdale in West Yorkshire.

Formed back in 2016 the hub provides positive activities for young people from all backgrounds. Each activity session delivered incorporates a crime educational input that’s delivered after or during the activity sessions.

The team consists of volunteers and staff from the Early Action Team. To date, the organisation has worked with over 2000 young people from Calderdale and has provided numerous educational inputs and support to young people across many sites that we work at.

Partnership working is a key factor within the organisation enabling more activities and agencies have access to the young people that we are working with providing that wrap around care.

If your organisation could offer any support to us then please get in touch.

Meet Our Team

Please meet our amazing and friendly team below, all of who are volunteers and staff from the Early Action Team.

Chris Madden

Chair / Staff

Ben Szyczak

Vice Chair / Advisor/ Volunteer

Martin Pickersgill

Staff / Volunteer

Jenna Stabler

Staff / Volunteer

Naomi Bunney

Staff / Volunteer

Shaun Francis

Volunteer/Instructor / Advisor

Steve Midgley

Volunteer / Wildlife Advisor

John Hendy

Volunteer / Instructor

Helen Rossi

Volunteer / Instructor

George Rossi

Volunteer / Instructor

Connor Kearton

Volunteer / Instructor

Our Values & Goals

Below you will find our key values and quotes of the Early Action Hub, all helping to ensure we continue to help and support young people across Calderdale.

‘To reduce Anti-Social Behaviour, Crime and re-offending across the Calderdale Division’

‘To educate young people in areas of vulnerability; Knife & Violent Crime, County Lines, CCE & CSE and Cyber crime’

‘To help improve the relationship between the police and young people in our communities’

‘To establish activities / projects which bring people together from different age groups, backgrounds, neighbourhood’s and to make a difference to community’

‘To establish activities and projects which help develop people’s skills and experiences’

‘To establish activities and projects that improve the culture, environment and safety within the community’

‘To get youngsters involved in the sport of Angling, climbing, archery, boating, rafting, filming, and many more outdoor activities’

‘To inspire young people to make a difference to their lives and the lives of others, by offering a range of positive activities and volunteering opportunities’

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