They accept referrals for the following reasons:

• You believe a Young Person is committing crime
• You have concerns around a young person, you believe that they are vulnerable to committing crime
• You are aware that a young person is committing crime and you believe these services can assist in the care package for this particular young person

A referral that is to be submitted, must be specific to that individual Young Person, If there is more than one Young person involved, please refer separately.

Before referring to the Early Action Team – You need to ask yourself:

• Has there been a crime committed- if it requires a crime to be recorded then it needs to be reported first to the police via 101/ 999 or over web chat, not through this form.

The Early Action Team at WYP have a weekly meeting to discuss these referrals, the young person will then be discussed amongst the team to see what support we may be able to offer them. Once your referral has been discussed, if there is any intervention work we can do, to support the Young Person, an officer from the Early Action Team will be allocated to the young person.

They will make contact with you and inform you of the outcome from the meeting and what the plan is moving forward.

Thank you.

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    Which educational input do you think is most appropriate for the young person being referred?

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    Parent's / Carers Details

    Please provide as much information as possible, please research all systems available to get the correct & up to date parent details. Without them we can not deliver any intervention!

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    Your Details
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    Address (if different from Young Person)

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