Step Two.

Interactive Quiz

In this stage you will notice you have been presented with an online quiz, featuring 10x multiple-choice questions. These questions will be relating to the previous awareness video you have just watched, so we hope you paid attention??

At the end of the quiz, please click the button ‘What’s My Score?’ which will then provide you with your score results and a link to the final stage of the awareness session.

Knife Crime Quiz

1. What is the sentence for carrying a knife?

2. What fraction of people are killed or injured by their own knife?

3. How many people were killed in 2019 with a knife ?

4. Who does knife crime affect?

5. Can a teacher search you for a knife?

6. If your friend is carrying a knife and stabs someone whilst your present, who is guilty?

7. Is there a safe place to stab someone?

8. Is it illegal to carry a knife even if you don’t intend to use it?

9. Who could you report knife crime to?

10. Does a knife give you protection?

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