Step Two.

Interactive Quiz

In this stage you will notice you have been presented with an online quiz, featuring 10x multiple-choice questions. These questions will be relating to the previous awareness video you have just watched, so we hope you paid attention??

At the end of the quiz, please click the button ‘What’s My Score?’ which will then provide you with your score results and a link to the final stage of the awareness session.

County Lines Quiz

1. Which of these are related to county lines?

2.How do people become involved in county lines?

3. If you are involved in county lines could, you be taken away from your home?

4. Who can be a groomer?

5. How do people groom you?

6. Is county lines illegal?

7. What do people normally do when involved in county lines?

8. Are you a victim if you are selling drugs?

9. Who could you report county lines to?

10. Will you get into trouble for been involved in county lines?

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